Neck and Back Pain Treatment on the Gold Coast

AMC, or Associated Medical Clinics, offers pain treatment solutions to people who suffer from chronic pain, including back and neck pain. The techniques we employ come from osteopathic methods that have been used for more than 100 years in various parts of the world.

The field of osteopathy recognizes that all the body’s systems are interrelated and therefore focuses on whole body health. For example, the osteopathy practitioners at our clinics use various osteopathic techniques, including soft tissue massage, to alleviate tension and pain in muscles and joints.

If you have been seeking an effective back or neck pain treatment on the Gold Coast, contact AMC. We will assess your physical function and pain levels and offer treatment options that not only target your symptoms but that also aim to identify and treat, or provide options to address, any underlying conditions that may be causing your pain. We may also identify lifestyle factors that could contribute to your pain and provide options like specific exercises to further assist you.

Osteopaths treat more than bones!

associated medical clinics amc pain forming at the bottom of spinal cord

Most back pain results from mechanical or functional disturbances of the spine. Osteopaths have been successfully treating these problems since the 1800s. However, it’s important to understand that back pain rarely remains in the back. It often spreads to the buttocks, groin, and legs – commonly known as sciatica – as well as the head, neck, shoulders and arms.

At AMC, back pain accounts for more than half of our osteopath cases. Osteopathy services are widely regarded as the most effective ways to treat the debilitating problems behind back pain. Our experienced professionals can get to the source of your pain and correct any underlying mechanical disturbances in your musculoskeletal system. We’re confident that we can relieve your pain and the stress that comes with it.

Neck Pain Treatment From Experienced Osteopaths

Many people in the general population suffer from neck pain. Occupation, activity level and other factors contribute to the neck becoming stiff or having reduced function and range of motion, which can create uncomfortable or even debilitating pain. Because the top of the spine and many vital nerves run through the neck, sometimes pain originating in the neck also manifests as headaches or pain the upper limbs.

The osteopaths at AMC use their skills to address chronic neck pain, as well as neck-pain-related health issues. Many neck pain sufferers first notice the symptoms when they get whiplash from a car accident. Fortunately, most types of neck pain respond well to osteopathic treatment, and many patients appreciate that osteopathic neck pain treatment options are gentle and non-invasive.

We can perform targeted and gentle osteopathic techniques such as massage, stretching and joint mobilisation. We target not only the neck but any surrounding musculature, such as the shoulder region and upper back, to encourage proper joint and muscle function and integrity.

Make an Appointment to Seek Pain Relief

Experience the friendly, caring and professional environment of AMC and the skills of the highly trained osteopaths at our clinic. Our treatment is tailored to your individual needs and aimed at not only relieving your painful condition, such as back or neck pain, but addressing the cause of your pain.

Call us on 07 5537 1115 to make an appointment for neck or back pain treatment. If your query is not urgent and you prefer to contact us electronically, you can use our convenient online contact form.

For more information about our professional osteopathy treatments or to find out what we can do to treat your back pain,
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